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For Sale. 
TDWP Gimme 1/2 Jerseys only sold for one tour. 
Size Medium, but they run small. (I wear small shirts, and these fit fine)

For Sale. 

TDWP Gimme 1/2 Jerseys only sold for one tour. 

Size Medium, but they run small. (I wear small shirts, and these fit fine)

Hey guys, I’m trying to free up some room in my closet/place by getting rid of a bunch of t-shirts that I have collected from tour over the last 6 or 7 years. I am well aware that a lot of these bands might not be for everyone, and that it may look like I have robbed a hot topic, but when you are on tour and out of clothes/need to do laundry, you take what you can get.

I don’t have any set prices in mind, but I’m willing to negotiate, and not looking for a huge amount of money. The more that you get, the better deal I’ll give you.

^there is the link to the different folders (right hand side), but you can navigate after you click one of them. The shirts are sorted by size for the most, part in different albums. I don’t have anything above size Medium, I apologize…but youth large, extra small, and small I got covered.

my email is / you can pm me on here if you would like as well.
***paypal is the only type of payment I will accept***

List Of Shirts:

Small Band Shirts:

A Skylit Drive – Old – (heather grey)
A Skylit Drive – Street Fighter (grey)
Alexisonfire – Name/Logo (purple)
All Time Low – Baseball T (white/black)
All Time Low – Hurley Exclusive (grey)
Anberlin – Keyhole – (grey)
August Burns Red – Samurai (red)
Breathe Carolina – Lion Rainbow (white)
Breathe Carolina – Triangles (green)
Classic Crime – Gold/Purple
Dillinger Escape Plan – Crest (light blue)
Drop Dead Gorgeous – Gold Foil (purple)
Drop Dead Gorgeous – Bird (black)
Drop Dead Gorgeous – Monsters (purple)
Escape The Fate – Mummy All Over (white)
Evergreen Terrace – Screw Eye (white)
Every Time I Die – Skull (brown)
Fireworks – Name (blue)
From First To Last – Scribble (white)
Greeley Estates – Album Cover (white)
Gwen Stacy – Block Letters – (heather grey)
Gym Class Heroes – Patches (red)
Halifax – Drink Up Bitches (grey)
Haste The Day – All Over Print (white)
Haste The Day – Birds (heather grey)
Haste The Day – War (grey)
Human Abstract – Name (red)
Isetmyfriendsonfire – Shark Volleyball (white)
Jet Lag Gemini – Run This City Foil (red)
Just Surrender – Tiger (yellow)
Less Than Jake – Icee – (red)
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster – Crest (black)
Maylene And The Sons Of Disaster – Train (brown)
Miss May I – Raptors (yellow)
Mod Sun – Phoenix Suns Logo (purple)
Motion City Soundtrack – Even If It Kills Me (yellow)
My American Heart – Name (white)
Norma Jean – Bacon Pig Dissection (grey)
Norma Jean – Creature From Black Lagoon (blue)
Panima – Stereo (tan)
Paramore – Flag – (red)
Parkway Drive – Shark/Eaten Alive (heather grey)
Pierce The Veil – Bricks (blue)
Protest The Hero – Dinosaur (striped)
Rookie Of The Year – Name (white)
Roses Are Red – Fucking Star (white)
Roses Are Red – Heart (black)
Saosin – Baseball T (heather grey/white)
Saosin – Mountains (white)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Ghosts (grey)
Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Monster (grey)
Scenes From A Movie – Logo (white)
Scenes From A Movie – Pig (green)
See You Next Tuesday – Tie-dye Monster (blue/white tie-dye)
Set Your Goals – Ninja (blue)
Sick City – City Girl (white)
Sky Eats Airplane – Nookie (grey)
Sky Eats Airplane – Wolf (grey)
So They Say – Get It Right (navyblue)
Story Of The Year – Faces (red)
Story Of The Year – Ripoff (white)
The Almost – Southern Weather (red)
The Audition – Champion (red)
The Classic Crime – Heart (white)
The Color Fred – Trees (yellow/orange)
The Devil Wears Prada – Assistant To The Regional Manager (green)
The Devil Wears Prada – Jurassic (purple)
The Devil Wears Prada – Monster (blue)
The Devil Wears Prada – Three Headed Monster (black)
The Devil Wears Prada – Worms (purple)
The Fold – Owls (grey)
The Ghost Inside – Fuck (camo)
The Graduate – Match Tree (light blue)
The Higher – Get High (purple/gold foil)
The Word Alive – Squid (white)
There For Tomorrow – Lines (yellow)
This Is Hell – Wreck Your Life (yellow)
This Time Next Year – Yeti (heather grey)
Time And Distance – Moped (blue)
To Speak Of Wolves – Blank Street Fighter (white)
Treaty Of Paris – Name (white)
Underoath – Kidnap (white)
Versa Emerge – Arrows (red)
We Are The Union – Reptar Eating Barney (green)
We The Kings – Robot (blue)
We The Kings – Secret Valentine (purple)
Whitechapel – Demon (black)
Whitechapel – Fucked And Left For Dead (purple)
Whitechapel – Fucked And Left For Dead (yellow)
Whitechapel – This World Is Ours (grey)
Your Demise – Stay Puft (black)

Other Sizes:

All Time Low – OMG (purple) XS
August Burns Red – Sabertooth Tiger (green) XS
Emarosa – Owl (grey) XS
Greeley Estates – Vneck (green) XS
Gwen Stacy – Freakin (green) XS
Haste The Day – Print (grey) XS
Haste The Day – Skeleton of Bird (white) XS
Hopeless Records V Neck (brown) XS
Pierce The Veil – Peace V Neck (blue) XS
Scary Kids Scaring Kids – Women (white) XS
Sky Eats Airplane – SEA (striped) XS
Sky Eats Airplane – Insect (white) XS

A Static Lullaby – Face (grey) YL
Angels And Airwaves – AVA (white) YM
Born Of Osiris – Bow Down (white) YL
Drop Dead Gorgeous – Colors (white) YL
Drop Dead Gorgeous – Freddy (white) YL
Drop Dead Gorgeous – Back Stabber (black) YL
Evergreen Terrace – Eye Dagger (red) YL
Four Letter Lie – Clock (yellow) YL
Four Letter Lie – Cloud Creatures (white) YL
Haste The Day – Birds (white) YL
It Dies Today – Cockfight (green) YL
It Dies Today – Splatter (orange) YL
The Devil Wears Prada – The Eye (white) YL
Whitechapel – Sawblades (blue) YL
Whitechapel – Sawblades (white) YL

Bleeding Through – Gargoyle (white) M
Bleeding Through – Scissors (black) M
Bullets N Octane – Flying Machine (black) M
Daughters – Canada Songs (tan) M
Death By Stereo – Logo (black) M
Eighteen Visions – Coffin (black) M
Embrace Today – Skeleton (black) M
Every Time I Die – Shark Attack (black) M
Flee The Scene – Wings (black) M
From Autumn To Ashes – Stab (olive green) M
Horse The Band – Ghosts (yellow) M
June – Headphones (tan) M
My American Heart – Powerlines (tan) M
My American Heart – Woman (blue) M
Quietdrive – Name (yellow) M
Remembering Never – Ignorance (black) M
Rookie Of The Year – Doves (light blue) M
Royden – Giraffes (white) M
Saosin – Swirl (white) M
The Kinison – Logo (black) M
Tiger Army – Logo (black) M
Too Pure To Die – Skull (red) M
Valient Thorr – Silver Logo (red) M
Versus The Mirror – Bondage (black) M

Clothing Companies (All Smalls)

Bambino (ADTR) – Ghost
Bambino (ADTR) – Bigfoot
Glamour Kills – Blue Lion With Glasses
Drop Dead – Raptors
Drop Dead – Space Fish
Atticus – Prom Couple 
Atticus – Bird/Stereo
Rockett – Knight
Rockett – Pink
Rockett – Skull Logo
Rockett – Guts
Electric Zombie – Robocop and Pizza

TDWP Home Improvement (orange)
TDWP Rockett limited edition/250 (light blue)
TDWP Tree of Life (yellow)
TDWP Exorcist Shirt (black)
TDWP Name (heather grey)

TDWP Sweet Brag (white)
TDWP Baseball T (black/white)

Two TDWP Gimme Half Jerseys (blue and red)

A bunch of rare, out of print Shipshape Roolz shirts (pics if interested)

Thanks for looking, if you have any questions feel free to ask.
Also, if you message me and say you are going to buy something, follow through please. No one likes flaky people.